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Empower your Business Online in no time. Get a Ready Responsive Business Website and Upload your Images & Content with great ease.

Power of Content in your Hands

Time is precious and it is well said that Time is Money. Save your precious time with the ready Website. We have taken care of layout, plugins, components, elements and responsiveness for you.

Just upload images, write the content and see your website live in a few minutes. Give a global presence to your Business today.

Get freedom to update the content from your Admin Panel anytime and at any place you want.

ITSagar Solutions Pvt. Ltd. offers a Non Wordpress Dynamic Website platform that works on the globally preferred development work: CodeIgniter. Codeigniter is globally popular and provides a High Performance website with high levels of Website Security. Since the platform is precisely tuned to cater the requirenments of most businesses, this platform is free of extra clutter and plugins that you dont require. Thus, the small and fine tuned footprint ensures best performance that results in a fast loading business website and is highly secure.

Thus if your are looking for a High Performance Business Website that is not built in Wordpress, try this platform for once, and we are sure that you won't regret.

In dynamic website, for example, a webmaster can create image gallery, upload event images, upload latest news and notices on the website. In this case, user will visit the website and see the content uploaded by the administrator. However, the features can anytime be extended resulting in a dynamic web portal.

- Wordpress websites are slow. Since wordpress is a platform that is meant to be used by anyone in this world without further customizations, it has a lot of plugins and complex structure inside. Now, this makes wordpress suitable for any business environment, but Heavy and Complex as well. Some businesses might not requried some features or elements, but when wordpress site is loaded, some inbuilt elemts still load into memory which makes it slow.

- Wordpress themes are highly generic, which means they contain a lot of pages and codes that you might not need. Even if you dont use them, they will load on server when the website is opened. Thus, you will experience a slower wordpress website.

- Developers and Web Designers working on wordpress heavily rely on Plugins, Features and other elements provided by the third party. Not all pplugins and elements are fine tuned for performance. Also some pllugins may need access of some files from the developer server. So, combining numerous things from different developers also results in a Slow Wordpress Website which may also have some errors.

- Since Developers use plugins and elements from third party, these plugins and elements generally get outdated and resular update / upgrade of elements is required to keep your website live and working. Sometimes, development team leaves a plugin or project and doesnot provide any update. Such plugins might slow down your wordpress website and may also generate errors.

- The plugins and elements that are used in wordpress, might look attractive but may have been developed by a hacker. Things might look attractive but in the background, hacker might be exploting that plugin to run away with your data and information.

- Sometimes a plugin or an update may clash with the functionality of some other plugin and cause your website to malfunction. This may result in a broken website or a website with a lot of errors or unexpected user experience. And everybody knows that a bad presentation to customer will result in negative business.

- Wordpress framework is publically available along with its code, which means hackers also know whats is there in Wordpress and they can easy breach the website security, hack it and even make unnecessary changes or steal your data. Securing a wordpress website needs an extra efforts which is not a skills of every developer and such secure wordpress website will have a high budget.

- Loss of SEO may also be a result in some cases. Although you can fill your pages with a lot of keyword-rich content but using wrong or broken plugins, heavier theme, and bad codings will surely result in a slow loading website, which is one of the key factors for search engines. Slow loading websites are down-ranked by most search engines.

- If you are looking for any personalized features precisely meeting your business requirements, it wil need coding. Now a framework already so bulky and prone to hackers, when customized may lead to more problems and will also put in extra efforts and financial burdens.

Although people might say that wordpress is too easy for anyone to start with and to make changes, but this is not true. Even if you ask a developer to create the website, you cannot handle it later on with that easy. To make any changes in the website, you should learn at least a basic level wordpress. Further if you want to make changes other than just content, you will need to learn HTML, CSS, PHP etc.

Mobile responsiveness is must now a days. Every template on Wordpress may not be 100% responsive or may loose responsiveness due to some plugin or element.

We write codes after defining best algorithms that are engineered to provide results with best peformance. We don't just write codes, rather we execute designing, planning, modular implementation, unit testing, integration and system testing to assure that every individual part of your web portal works perfect. The modular codes we write are combined and written in such a way that they perform well even in high load environments. We also lay keen focus on Security. We implement unique and focused security implementation strategies so that your portals stay safe from attacks like SQL Injection, XSS, etc. The coding styles and coding frameworks that we use assures high levels of performance and security. The level of expertise that we exhibit as web developer makes us the top web developer in kurukshetra and other regions.

ITSagar Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is renowned as the best website developer in kurukshetra because of the level of expertise that we exhibit in our coding styles and structures. The highlight of our best website development in kurukshetra is that we provide a well engineered web portal rather than a coded one. In 8+ years, our developers have gone through enough coding challenges that we now know how to devise and integrate the best solutions.

Every business has its own working culture. But there is something special which makes us the best website developer in kurukshetra and nationwide. Some of the key facts are:

  • We have laid some principles and rules on which we stand while doing your work. These include Dedication, Quality and Honesty.
  • To ensure that your online journey is hassle free, we work hard to set up a unique layout with images and content that donot breach copyrights of anyone else.
  • We work on special measures that would keep your website secure and prevented from most of the hacking techniques.
  • We make sure that it is very easy for your to handle the administrator panel and no special training and learning should be required.
  • We spend good time on refining the design for your business, and we are always ready to customize the design and codes right from scratch to assure it meets your expectations.
  • We donot select any arbitrary design for your business. Rather, we spend quality time on setting up a blue print and then working on the design that is best for your requirements and budget.
  • We make sure that your website is optimized for SEO. Every image, page, content and other essential parameters are taken care of with SEO perspectives.
  • We charge for what we do. We do not belive in quick or fast delivery. We spend quality time by taking deep pain on every project.
  • We do not drop our quality and prices to beat the competition. Instead, we work on increasing our quality and giving you more than your expectations and promises.
  • We do not compromise with the quality. Sometimes, things may be delivered late but, they will be best for your requirements and budget.

Our Plans for NON Wordpress Dynamic Website

We deliver Quality, Satisfaction & Support
Basic Starter Business Executive
Free Web Hosting
Business Email ID 5 10 15 20
SSL (mandatory by Google)
Social Links Integration
Google Location Map
CMS / Admin Panel
DYNAMIC SECTIONS (Manageable from Admin Panel)
About Us
Contact Information
Google Map
Social Media Links
Contact Us Form
News Strip
SEO Keyword Placeholders
Image Gallery
Video Gallery
Clients Section
Governing Body
News Gallery
News Section
News Archive
CPanel Access
Platform Codeigniter (Non-Wordpress)
Call Us:
Rs. 3500/- Rs. 5000/- Rs. 7000/- Rs. 9000/-


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We, at ITSagar, work diligently with the vision of providing very high quality services to our clients. Having International Corporate Certified & Experienced professionals makes us glow out of the crowd.


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Attend special commerce classes that are conducted by qualified teacher with 6+ years experience for the students of XI, XII and B.Com. Special batch for girls available.


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Here is a glimpse of some of the projects we have done so far.

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"While our deal, I found high level of professionalism with very interesting technology projects. No doubt, I will be open to another association for some other projects."

- Sergio Eliot, Software Developer, Mexico

html training kurukshetra

"Great work well complied with the requirements laid. Great results provided with hard work."

- Samson Web Design, USA

html training kurukshetra

"Nice working with you, it was really a great experience and I exactly got what I needed in my project. Outstanding work."

- Mr. Sai Teja, United States

html training kurukshetra

"Fast action and good work. Five stars."

- Mr. VW, Kampong Simpang Balak, Malaysia

html training kurukshetra

"Happy to work with. Five stars."

- Mr. Mohammed Musa, Canada

html training kurukshetra

"ITSAGAR SOLUTIONS is very good and gracious in the field of IT. We are highly satisfied and feel happy to meet this company. We bless for their workers and supporters."

- Mr. Suresh Kayshap, Coach, Mission Olympic Foundation

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"They have been great at communication, understanding the problem, enhancing the product quality and delivering the project in the way we asked for. They have the right technical expertise, and understood the issues, right then which made it easy for us to put across our concerns and they were all addressed amicably. As with a long project, we did have minor differences along the way, but the best part is they did not loose cool and ensured that we stayed focused on the goal."

- Mr. Raj, Wisdom Talks


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