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With the evolution of frequently changing technologies, IT sector has witnessed the widespread acceptance and application of programming methodology - MVC ( Model View Controller ). Prior to this approach, writing code for large applications has acted as a nightmare for long years. Even the top and experienced web developers found it hard to write codes and maintain them for large applications because the business logic, the user interface and the code to call a page and code at right place was written all in one place, thus creating a lot of confusions and making it hard to debug the code or make changes in it.

MVC came out as a solution to this approach wherein the codes for database connectivity, user interface and page call management are spearated in a much cleaner and easy to implement way. Since the code with this approach is divided in to various files properly organized in a well-defined directory structure, it became easy to write codes, connect them and modify them as and when required without any hassle. Another benefit is that now we have to tackle only with the code part which needs to be updated, other codes of the same page remain safe form any unwanted changes.

Thus, web development with MVC is one of the trending and in-demand coding prctices that assures better salaries and job growth.


It is a PHP framework which is globally popular sue to the security, power and easiness it offers to its developers. When it comes to complex implementations like sending emails, manading shopping cart etc, Codeigniter takes up the whole pain. This framework provides ample of built-in libraries and functionalities that our can integrate and use in just a fwe clicks and a little code without worrying about the back-end implementations.

Also, Codeigniter offers coding purely in MVC format, thus having a big advantage. With Codeigniter, you become well-versed with two trending programming approaches and tools which boots up your career to new levels. Codeigniter is also safe and implicitly implements a lot of security approaches which makes it easy for you to create highly secure web applications. Auto caching in codeigniter also brings up high performance and reliability along with cleaner and easy to manipulate urls.

Codeigniter also uses MySQLi implicitly, thus following the latest coding standards as recommeded by the PHP-MySQL developers themselves.

Thus, if you are looking for bright career in web development, Codeigniter is your best bet.

With years of experience in the IT industry, we have researched a lot to build up the best curriculum so that we provide you high quality fruitful learning for your career building.

  • There are no white board classes, even there is no white board installed in our premises.
  • Every session is discussed purely on practical basis through live demonstrations.
  • For a group of more than 3 trainees, we execute demonstrative learning through LDAD to ensure that every trainee gets individual attention without any distractions. This is a unique training approach initiated and followed at only ITSagar Solutions - the best training company in kurukshetra.
  • Examples are demonstrated for every concept followed by assignments that are to be done by the trainee.
  • After compelting few concepts, a collective assignment is shared with the trainees for them to explore integration of different concepts.
  • Progress in every task is monitored by professional and the trainees are encouraged to finish up the assignment themselves.

Practical Training in Codeigniter from the right place can boost up your chances of getting best jobs at higher pay scales.

  • ITSagar Solutions is registered with Govt. of Haryana and MSME.
  • ITSagar Solutions is the only place where you will get experienced developer as a trainer working on real projects.
  • ITSagar Solutions is the place where you will find Professional Certified by Microsoft, Redhat, Amcat, etc.
  • Sessions are executed by industry level professionals who have years of experience in web and software development.
  • Ample of exposure to real IT problems has been faced and solved by the trainer that provides you experienced learning.
  • LDAD based learning to ensure individual attention and prevention from any distractions.
  • In-house Physical and Digital library.
  • Air Conditioned and well lighted lab.
  • 8+ years of experience in Development, Training and Teaching.
  • Certificate on completion of training.
  • Small batches to ensure better attention.

We facilitate our students with two training modes so that they can learn as per their comfort:

  • Online Training: In this mode, student can get trained sitting at their homes through Online Training sessions.
  • Offline Training: In this mode, the training sessions are conducted in the establishment of ITSagar Solutions.

A certificate is an authentic document that proves your skill expertise level and helps you stand out of the crowd while appying for jobs and promotions.

At ITSagar, we too are committed to help you avail better career opportunities. Keeping this in mind, a Training Certificate is provided to every alumni of ITSagar. Additionally, anyone can attempt following certification exams at ITSagar Solutions and earn authentic document proving your skillset.

  • ITSagar Certified Codeigniter Developer (ICCD).
This is an open-to-all exam series and the candidate is not required to be an alumni of ITSagar.

Students of MCA / BCA / M.Sc. Computers / B.Sc. Computers / M.Tech / B.Tech / Diploma and corporate professionals can join this training programme and earn a valuable add-on in their resume. The level of expertise that you will gain from this programme will definitely help you in earning better job opportunities.

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