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Advance PHP

PHP, the free to use web development platform is a server-side scripting language that is widely popular globally for developing almost every type of web application. Provision of embedding third party plugins has attracted a large number of developers to use this language for commercial developments including complex web portals.

With the widespread use of PHP 7.x versions in the industry, it has become mandatory to advance your skils in PHP development. Mysql drivers for CRUD operations are no more supported. You are required to use MYSQLI or PDO for database driven applications. MYSQLI also offers inbuilt security mechanisms and is also a part of the core engine of Codeigniter, a popular PHP based web development Framework.

Thus detailed knowledge of Advance skills in PHP is required by every employer for mantaining current applications as well as developing `new ones.

Course Description

The Advance PHP course at ITSagar Solutions Pvt. Ltd. provides you everything you need to become an advance web developer who can enhance the functionalities of a web portal through excel import / export, cookies, pdf export, image manipulation, etc. This PHP training covers the advanced aspects of using PHP with MySQL and Ajax. You will learn how to integrate external libraries like the ones for importing and exporting excel files, manipulating images, generating pdf reports, and much more. You will also learn how to call the codes in background without loading full page by implementing Ajax. You will be able to develop fully-featured, powerful and easy to maintain database driven dynamic websites and web portals after completing this course.

Trainees will also implement one or more projects towards the end of this course. Selected candidates with competing skills will be given a chance to work on a real life live project too.

Course Objectives

After completing the Advance PHP Course, you shall be able to:

  1. Attain an understanding of Web Technologies and Web Servers.
  2. Understand the basic of Web Applications and Web Technologies.
  3. Understand the effect of hacking techniques on web server like SQL Injection.
  4. Write code that to prevent Sql Injection, XSS and several other attacks, thus providing security to the web portals.
  5. Have an in-depth learning of Server side programming.
  6. Learn important and essential concepts of PHP with OOPS and MySQL with MySQLi drivers.
  7. Integrate external libraries.
  8. Import and Export Excel Files.
  9. Generate PDF Reports.
  10. Do Asynchronous communication using Ajax.
  11. Gain PHP programming skills required to build interactive - data driven dynamic websites and web applications.
  12. Use Sessions to maintain cross-page data for Login process, Cart management and other activities.
  13. Start working with Wordpress
  14. Become a proficient and worthy PHP/MySQLi Web developer.

Course Curriculum

Training modules at ITSagar Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is planned in adherence with the industry challenges and demands. We assure that adequate concepts are covered so that you donot have to face any problems and you can work on projects independently while exhibiting your expertise. Key concepts covered in this programme are:

  • Templating - File inclusion
  • Display Random Images
  • Resizing Images and Cropping Images
  • File Handling
  • Cookies
  • OOPS
  • Database Handling with MYSQLI
  • Getting last inserted record ID and affected number of records
  • Demonstrating SQL Injection Attack
  • Sanitizing Inputs
  • Prepared statements for SQL Injection prevention
  • Multiple query execution
  • Multiple Insert
  • Limiting and Offsetting records
  • Order By
  • XSS prevention
  • Sanitizing Inputs with Filters
  • Form Validations
  • Handling Form validation errors
  • Handling form validation with Regex
  • Form autocomplete on postback
  • Error Handling
  • Exceptions
  • Ajax
  • Working with XML
  • Live search with Ajax
  • Reading RSS with Ajax
  • Voting System with Ajax
  • Importing Excel
  • Generating Excel
  • Generating PDF
  • Introduction to Wordpress

About the Trainer

He is a Microsoft and Redhat Certified Professional with a M.Tech, B.Tech degree & many more certifications from reputed organizations. He is a Computer Programmer, Web Developer, Software Developer, Innovator, Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur and a very Helpful Person. His mission is to create employment opportunities and enhancing the employability of students so that the problem of unemployment can be resolved. With more than a 11 years of experience in Teaching, Training and Development, he likes to share his invaluable wisdom that can help create new entrepreneurs, who in turn can create jobs for thousands of people.


Daily / Weekends


1.5 Months


Hindi / English


Rs. 15000/- 18000/-


A strong base is required to attain better learning leading you to a shining career. Before starting Advance PHP, you should have good knowledge of

  • Basic Programming concepts like Variables, Constants, Data Types, Conditionals, Looping, Functions, Arrays and OOPS. If you are new to the world of Programming or have a very limited exposure, please consider our C Programming Course
  • Good understanding of Core PHP including CRUD Operations, Sessions etc. If you are new to PHP or just have a basic exposure, please consider our Core PHP TRAINING Course

Recently, PHP is in competition with ASP.Net and has become one of the preferred languages / platform for web development now a days.

By getting trained in PHP, you can develop attractive dynamic websites for almost any job domain. With some years of experience, you can earn a healthy salary package in PHP development. Combining it with Linux administration (Server), you scope grows from developer to hosting expert.

Even we provide job opportunityto worthy professionals and employ them as Web Developers with an attractive start-up pay scale.

To become successful in PHP developer IT industry, attaining adequate knowledge and skill set during learning tenure is very important so that you can start your job hunt right after your graduation or post graduation. Adequate skill set can be a part of your skills arsenal only when you undergo proper industrial training in web development and that too from a professional training setup. You should get skilled through dedicated practical oriented learning and hands-on practice under the supervision of IT professionals, not teachers. For quick learning, six weeks training is sufficient enough to get a quick insight on a technology with rapid practice sessions whereas eight weeks training is more than sufficient to avail deep learning and understanding of a technology through ample of hands-on practice.

At ITSagar Solutions Pvt. Ltd. ( provider of the best web development training in kurukshetra ), you get best industrial training under the keen supervision and guidance of industry level professionals who have years of experience in web & software development, training and teaching. Its only at ITSagar Solutions Pvt. Ltd. where you will find professional certified by international brands like Microsoft, Redhat, Amcat, etc. Certifications from such brands exhibits our proven expertise in IT sector.

Training at ITSagar Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is not a part time activity. Training is taken seriously with industry perspective. Training at ITSagar is delivered with the motive of preparing you for industrial challenges rather than just for your project viva. At ITSagar Solutions Pvt. Ltd. ( provider of the best php training in kurukshetra ), you will not attend any white board classroom learning, rather, you will be taken on a path where every learning session is conducted in a purely practical environment through LDAD system, a unique methodology executed only at ITSagar Solutions Pvt. Ltd.. Things are not taught for how they would work, rather, things are shown how they really work and alternate implementations are discussed to enhance your understanding and implementation skills. Real problems are discussed with implementations so that you are able to resolve upcoming IT issues with ease and perfection. Ample of assignments and projects are given throughout the training tenure for better learning.

Thus, six months industrial training and six weeks industrial training at ITSagar Solutions Pvt. Ltd. ensures that your are ready for your first job and capable enough to take the workload and future burdens. After attending six weeks php training and six months php training at ITSagar Solutions Pvt. Ltd., you will definitely become a skilled web developer who would be preferred in interviews for the knowledge and skillset attained.

With years of experience in the IT industry, we have researched a lot to build up the best curriculum so that we provide you high quality fruitful learning for your career building.

  • There are no white board classes, even there is no white board installed in our premises.
  • Every session is discussed purely on practical basis through live demonstrations.
  • For a group of more than 3 trainees, we execute demonstrative learning through LDAD to ensure that every trainee gets individual attention without any distractions. This is a unique training approach initiated and followed at only ITSagar Solutions Pvt. Ltd. - the best training company in kurukshetra.
  • Examples are demonstrated for every concept followed by assignments that are to be done by the trainee.
  • After compelting few concepts, a collective assignment is shared with the trainees for them to explore integration of different concepts.
  • Progress in every task is monitored by professional and the trainees are encouraged to finish up the assignment themselves.

Practical Training in Web development from the right place can boost up your chances of getting best jobs at higher pay scales.

  • ITSagar Solutions is registered with Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt. of India.
  • ITSagar Solutions is the only place where you will get experienced developer as a trainer working on real projects.
  • ITSagar Solutions is the place where you will find Professional Certified by Microsoft, Redhat, Amcat, etc.
  • Sessions are executed by industry level professionals who have years of experience in web and software development.
  • Ample of exposure to real IT problems has been faced and solved by the trainer that provides you experienced learning.
  • LDAD based learning to ensure individual attention and prevention from any distractions.
  • In-house Physical and Digital library.
  • Air Conditioned and well lighted lab.
  • 8+ years of experience in Development, Training and Teaching.
  • Certificate on completion of training.
  • Small batches to ensure better attention.

A certificate is an authentic document that proves your skill expertise level and helps you stand out of the crowd while appying for jobs and promotions.

At ITSagar, we too are committed to help you avail better career opportunities. Keeping this in mind, a Training Certificate is provided to every alumni of ITSagar. Additionally, anyone can attempt following certification exams at ITSagar Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and earn authentic document proving your skillset.

  • ITSagar Certified PHP Beginner (ICPB).
  • ITSagar Certified Regular PHP Developer (ICRPD).
  • ITSagar Certified PHP Developer (ICPD).
  • ITSagar Certified Secure PHP Developer (ICSPD).
  • ITSagar Certified Advance PHP Developer (ICAPD).
This is an open-to-all exam series and the candidate is not required to be an alumni of ITSagar.

Students of MCA / BCA / M.Sc. Computers / B.Sc. Computers / M.Tech / B.Tech / Diploma and corporate professionals can join this training programme and earn a valuable add-on in their resume. The level of expertise that you will gain from this programme will definitely help you in earning better job opportunities.

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