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PHP, acronym of Hypertext Preprocessor, is one of the most popular scripting and programming languages. It is widely used to build Websites and Web applications using various databases and extensions.

What is Advanced PHP? Advance PHP is a higher level of PHP dealing with much more complex topics such as Object-Oriented Programming Systems (OOPS), Ajax, and database applications including MySQLi and other extensions.

Advance PHP has solidified its reputation throughout the world with its wide variety of applications. PHP programming Language is used to build highly complex eCommerce systems and ERP Systems, which help automate various business processes. It is also implemented in HRM Systems, Hospital Management Systems, and Online Communities.

best advanced php training provider

Why learn Advanced PHP?

So, what is so great about Advanced PHP that you did not learn previously?

Well, there's a lot!

By learning Advanced PHP, you will be able to build web applications and databases which perform much better than you could previously imagine. The topics covered in the Advanced PHP tutorials will teach you essential skills to implement things that you might have never imagined!

To answer your doubts in brief, here's what's new in the Advanced PHP course:


Your projects must be easy to understand and functional. Learning OOPS will help you manipulate PHP concepts and organize them into a beautiful product.


Ajax is a crucial part of PHP since it significantly improves the performance and speed of your web applications. It enables you to implement quick form validations and is highly useful in eCommerce development.


MySQLi is an improved extension of MySQL, which you learned previously. This advanced concept brings various useful features into the mix, such as supporting Object-Oriented Interfaces, Better security, and Transaction implementation.

Excel Import / Export

Through Advance PHP, you can incorporate Excel workbooks into your web applications. This enables you to generate and export product and sales lists for eCommerce platforms, exporting attendance and salary reports, etc.

Excel Import / Export

PDF generation and implementation is also an important skill that is a must for eCommerce development. This lets you create invoices and bills for transactions that are essential in any eCommerce application.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Advance PHP. You can learn these skills and many more PHP MySQL advanced techniques in our Advanced PHP classes. Our php tutorial will help you create the most successful web application. You can significantly improve the quality and scalability of your applications by learning our best advanced PHP course.

Time is also another important factor in your professional career. You might wonder how long it takes to learn Advanced PHP. It can take you over three months if you learn it from any other PHP training institute. When you learn it from our course, it will take you just two months. Our advanced PHP online course provides you with intuitive and interactive courses in simplified language to help you understand efficiently. We offer the best PHP training course with the shortest course duration and minimal course fees.

Advanced PHP learning from our online PHP course will help you master these new and essential skills, quickly and easily. Having Advance PHP in your skillset helps you become a highly capable Back-End developer and enjoy a great career out of it.

Why should you learn Advanced PHP course from us?

Learn advanced PHP Step by step with our tutorial

Our course provides you with a step by step tutorial of advanced PHP topics so that you can turn your imagination into reality. We give you the key knowledge which you require to create applications of higher complexities.

Easy to understand course at advanced levels

Anyone can start to learn advanced PHP techniques and PHP advanced syntax. It is our job to make your learning journey as easy as possible. Our Advanced PHP training courses emphasize on building the best of your strengths and minimizing your weaknesses.

Continuously helping you improve

Our Advanced PHP classes online provide you with intuitive assignments that integrate various Advanced PHP techniques and concepts to ensure your steady growth. In addition, you will learn advanced PHP projects under the guidance of our experienced trainers.

We have the best mentors to help you learn

Our trainers are the best in their fields and work together to provide you with the best advanced PHP course online. Furthermore, our mentorship is among the best available throughout all PHP courses. Our trainers will guide you at every step.

We ensure you get a complete grasp of advanced topics

In comparison to other courses, we ensure the complete understanding of our trainees. We provide live sessions to help you clear your doubts. Opting for our complete online advanced PHP training course helps you break down advanced PHP concepts into easily understandable topics.

We provide immense practical experience

Our online advanced PHP classes do not include books and are solely based on interesting interactive sessions and live demonstrations. We emphasize on practical learning and will not teach you advanced topics without solidifying your fundamentals.

Our tutorials help you learn Faster

We provide you with an ever-evolving curriculum optimized to ensure maximum understanding in the minimum required time. We do not follow books or boring teaching methods. Rather, we help our trainees understand things deeply through live demonstrations and examples.

Perform better than your competition

Our Advanced PHP course online helps you keep up with the competition by constantly giving you challenging problems and projects. In addition, we actively interact with you regularly to ensure that you are not lagging and that you perform better than others on the same level.

What makes us unique in offering Advanced PHP Training

Sufficient Experience and Insight about PHP

Our Advanced PHP tutorials are developed by experienced veterans of the IT industry who know what is required to become a successful developer. We provide Advanced PHP training with live projects specially designed to integrate and apply multiple concepts and databases. This allows our trainees to perform well in this industry.

Advance your PHP Development Career

Everyone wants to be the best at their job. By following our Advanced PHP training courses, you can even improve your web development skills using PHP. You can learn MYSQLi, OOPS-based applications, and so much more. We can help you grow. We oversee your progress and ensure that you learn Advanced PHP properly.

Profound Knowledge of Advanced PHP concepts

Acquire in-depth knowledge of advanced topics like file handling operations & SQL injection through our best online Advanced PHP course. We also provide an Advanced PHP tutorial for web scraping with easy-to-understand explanations alongside a live demonstration to help you understand the toughest concept with ease.

Time Saving and Budget-Friendly Course

Our course is made specifically to help you learn Advanced PHP development fast and remotely from your house. We also offer the most affordable PHP training course online. Our Advanced PHP course fees and course duration are both perfect for you. Thus, we offer the best Advanced PHP tutorials available online.

We Provide a Dynamic Curriculum that fits Industry Trends

Our Advanced PHP course content is the product of years of industry knowledge and experience from our experienced trainers. As a result, we never stick to a single teaching method. We don't use the same resources every year. We evolve and update with the trends.

Learn Advanced PHP concepts and let jobs seek you.

Career Opportunities for Advanced PHP developers

Having Advanced PHP skills substantially increases your chances of getting hired at any web development position. On completing our online Advanced PHP course, you will become efficient in making good web applications.

We provide you with an Advanced PHP training certificate that allows you to get better PHP jobs and opportunities.

Here are some of the most popular jobs for Advanced PHP developers:

Web Portal Developer

eCommerce Developer

Software Developer

Software Engineer

High-end Application Developer

Dynamic Website Developer

Advanced Web Application Developer

You can benefit from our online advanced php course from anywhere in the world. There is no need for you to leave your home or office for attending the sessions. We make quality learning utterly possible from the comfort of your place. However, Offline sessions are also available in our Head Office.

Our advanced php course is 100% live. Interactions between you and your trainer happen in real-time. You can get your queries clarified by our training expert then and there, leading to engaging and effective learning. In this instructor-led online training, our web design course promises hassle-free, smooth learning for you.

Advanced PHP Syllabus

  • Templating - File inclusion
  • Display Random Images
  • Resizing Images and Cropping Images
  • File Handling
  • Cookies
  • OOPS
  • Database Handling with MYSQLi
  • Getting last inserted record ID and affected number of records
  • Demonstrating SQL Injection Attack
  • Sanitizing Inputs
  • Prepared statements for SQL Injection prevention
  • Multiple query execution
  • Multiple Insert
  • Limiting and Offsetting records
  • Order By
  • XSS prevention
  • Sanitizing Inputs with Filters
  • Form Validations
  • Handling Form validation errors
  • Handling form validation with Regex
  • Form autocomplete on postback
  • Error Handling
  • Exceptions
  • Ajax
  • Working with XML
  • Live search with Ajax
  • Reading RSS with Ajax
  • Voting System with Ajax
  • Importing Excel
  • Generating Excel
  • Generating PDF
  • Building website with Siteseas

When you have a complete grasp of Advanced PHP, you can create databases and websites by implementing new APIs and systems. Your skills would improve substantially, and so will your career opportunities. Learning Advanced PHP from our best online Advanced PHP course is guaranteed to be a golden investment for you because of the returns you would get from learning such an important language.

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About the Trainer

The trainer is a Microsoft and Redhat Certified Professional. He is holding a M.Tech, B.Tech degree & many more certifications from reputed organizations. He is a Developer, Innovator, Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur and a very Helpful Person. His mission is to create employment opportunities and enhancing the employability of students so that the problem of unemployment can be resolved. With more than 11 years of experience in Teaching, Training and Development, he likes to share his invaluable wisdom that can help create new entrepreneurs, who in turn can create jobs for thousands of people.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What PHP is used for?

PHP is a versatile scripting language that has had its edge over other languages for decades. Even Facebook was started with PHP. Later Facebook developers created their codes around the same. PHP empowers every kind of application worldwide. May it be an eCommerce system, ERP systems, HRM Systems, Hospital Systems, School Management Systems, or any other kind of project, PHP is everywhere.

Why PHP is used?

Since its inception, PHP has proven its usefulness in developing every type of application with great ease and control. PHP is also one of the trending and easiest languages to learn and implement. Thus, PHP is widely used by fresher and experienced developers across the globe.

Is PHP Object Oriented?

Yes. PHP is an Object-Oriented Language that supports Classes and Objects, Interfaces, Constructors, Destructors, Abstraction, Overloading, Inheritance, etc. Even MYSQLi drivers for database connectivity offer Object-Oriented access in its API.

Is PHP developer salary in good range?

PHP has been offering the easiest path to start a career for decades. Advanced PHP developers with good experience are earning handsome packages around the globe. Even fresher PHP developers earn a good amount in the initial days of their careers. PHP also opens huge opportunities for freelancing.

Is PHP used for Software development also?

With the widespread use and easy reach of the Internet, businesses prefer Online software instead of desktop installers. Since any kind of software can be built using PHP with greater scalability, PHP plays a vital role in Web-based Software Development. Some tools can compile PHP codes into an exe file. Thus, PHP can also be used for desktop development through such compilation tools.

Can we use PHP with MYSQL only?

Although PHP and MYSQL are used together most of the time, PHP offers good support for other RDBMS systems like MSSQL, SQLite, Oracle, and modern database systems like MongoDB.

What is the best Advanced PHP course near me?

We provide you with the best advanced PHP training course with minimal course fees and course duration. You can do our courses remotely from your home, saving your money spent on transport and a lot of time as well.

What do I learn in Advanced PHP courses?

Our advanced PHP tutorials help you understand advanced implementations like MYSQLi, Ajax, excel import & export, pdf export, security concerns, and even OOPS concepts with ease. All these concepts have become the bare minimum desired skills for good job opportunities.

Is it necessary to learn both Core PHP and Advanced PHP?

Yes. Core PHP is a prerequisite for Advanced PHP. Core PHP gives you a deep insight into how PHP works, how PHP can be connected to a database, and how applications are built using PHP. Advanced PHP focuses more on security and advanced implementations so that you can offer high-end features like building advanced PHP crud application, invoicing, and reporting systems.

How long does it take to learn Advanced PHP?

Learning Advanced PHP from any training institute can take you more than three months. We provide you with an optimal training course that helps you learn Advanced PHP in just two months. It not only saves you time but also costs much less than other Advanced PHP training courses.

How to learn Advanced PHP fast?

Learn Advanced PHP development and Advanced PHP programming through our best online Advanced PHP tutorials. We will help you learn Advanced PHP quickly, easily, and efficiently within two months.

What is the best way to learn Advanced PHP online?

Our best online Advanced PHP course incorporates a dynamic curriculum allowing you to learn Advanced PHP effectively. Our live demonstrations and practice sessions are made to help you learn Advanced PHP in the best possible way.

Is PHP a programming language?

PHP initiated its journey as a scripting language. A scripting language is just a subtype of programming languages that covers small, transactional programs that an interpreter runs in real-time. PHP can still be used for quick scripts in command line and servers. To run a PHP code, there is no need to compile the whole project for every execution. So thus far, PHP is a scripting language.

However, with the increase in popularity and features, PHP has surpassed scripting language capabilities and works on a much larger scale. Also, several tools now compile the PHP and generate an exe. Such tools demand recompilation of the whole project before running it.

So, PHP is as powerful as a programming language, but technically, this is why PHP is scripting language.

What are the prerequisites needed to learn Advanced PHP?

To learn Advanced PHP correctly, you must have the following prerequisites fulfilled:

  • Good command of Core PHP
  • Proficient in Programming Fundamentals
  • Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS

Learn Advanced PHP and let jobs seek you.

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