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Professional emails serve as an ideal and trustworthy option for a better exposure and better branding for your business

A professional email is a foremost necessity if you are up with a plan for establishing a business. With the assistance of a professional email id, your business is bound to look better than ever. The ideal way to earn the trust of your customers is to establish a professional email address that matches your business name.

The professional email for business help turns your name into a brand that your customers won't ever forget. You can readily reach out in your name every time you hit the send button. These professional email providers help establish email addresses that include domains, enough storage options, and even more!

A professional email address is defined as the one that is utilized for business communications that are based on your custom domain. In simple terms, it can be referred to as an email address with your business or company name in it in the form of a domain name.

If you are looking for professional email platforms, we are here to help you. You are bound to be amazed by the products we have to offer you, that too at the most reasonable prices!

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What do you achieve with a professional email?

The benefits of a professional email id are endless. Apart from trustworthiness, better branding, and better exposure, there are certainly more to the purchase of professional email addresses. Below are listed some of the primary benefits that the users of professional email ids enjoy:

It aids in reflecting how the owners manage their business. It helps in creating a solid first impression, that, in turn, brings professionalism into how the business is conducted.

It keeps you free from spam filters. When you set up your own email domain, it reduces the risk of important business emails getting bounced or sent straight to the spam or trash bin.

It works in protecting critical business data. Since free email services are susceptible to hacking, professional ids prove to be helpful because such hosted domain allows users to choose the location of storage of email data.

With a hosted domain, the users either host the data in-house or through a company, both of which comes with a service agreement. These professional email addresses include backups and contingency strategies.

Professional email id examples

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How much does a professional email cost?

It is a common query from people establishing a business online: How much does a business email cost? The fact is such pricing varies wildly. So, the cost of a professional email address can hardly be guessed with an average. The point on which the pricing mainly depends is what the customer is looking for.

On a general note, one can manage to operate a small private high-quality unmanaged email server on a VPS for around $3.50 per month. However, if you want managed professional email service, it will definitely cost a bit more. You can manage such email services at a rate of $10 to $20 per month with a good private email server.

However, one should not opt for shared email services because that will hamper your security. With such services, you will share your IP address with spammers, which is bound to affect your deliverability.

You can easily get along with your professional email create today because you get all that you need in one place with our services. So, create your professional email example [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] with our services and plans today!

Here are some more professional email address ideas:

  1. [email protected]
  2. [email protected]
  3. [email protected]
  4. [email protected]
  5. [email protected]

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A Professional Email service needs a Business Domain Name registered first before making it live. You can Get your Business Domain Name here at discounted domain registration and domain renewal prices.

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  • We charge for what we do. We do not belive in quick or fast delivery. We spend quality time by taking deep pain on every project.
  • We do not drop our quality and prices to beat the competition. Instead, we work on increasing our quality and giving you more than your expectations and promises.
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