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Harvest the Power of Customized Software

Custom softwares are developed for your specific requirements by working from scratch so that the intended software adheres precisely with your Business needs.

Have you got tired of maintaining the day-to-day details of your employee manually? Or are you getting frustrated with all calculations of financial works and managing, or automating overall business tasks? Do you want to manage your revenue details more efficiently? Or do you simply wish to get solutions for the problems you are facing while running your business?

If your answer is yes, then you have landed at the perfect place.

A perfect software can save time and recurring business expenses. Today, more businesses are inclining towards automated custom software to make their operations smooth, mainly in fields related to sales, purchase, or accounting. A well-developed software can work on your behalf and manage most of the activites by itself so that your time is saved thus allowing you to engage in other important jobs.

But why you should invest on a tailored software solution instead of purchasing a more generic and licensed software that are already available in the market? Let’s find an answer:

Issues with Generic / Licensed Software

Just any software is not suitable for every business. Although a generic version can be made for various businesses, but no generic software can serve all the requirements universally. Since every business has its own set of activities, a single solution can never be perfect for everyone.

Every generic software exhibits limitations at some point which will force you to either go manual or search for other solutions. Although some generic softwares are serving good, but then they are not user friendly and demand expertise in handling. This increases your cost of putting an extra experienced employer on the seat who can handle that software. This is where the need for custom software development arises.

Why you should invest on a Tailored Software?

A Well-crafted software can make your business thrive as well as save your time. But, every business is different. Every business has its own objectives and processes. A generic solution may not be able to match your exact requirements, thus you may face hurdles while automating your business. Sometimes, an incomplete solution may put you in a more complex situation instead of helping your business positively.

Customized software development differs from generic and licensed software in the way that Customized software are specially built for your specific requirements. They are coded to meet your business objectives precisely keeping in mind the working styles of your organization. Thus, the best software development service demands working from scratch rather than copying features from others.


Get what you need

We develop exactly what you need to be implemented for your business

User Friendly

Manage everything in your Portal from a highly User-friendly & easy-to-use Admin Panel

Best Performance

We implement Well-Engineered code written by Experts & Experienced Developers

Reduced Costs

You will feel a major Cost Reduction in Time & Money and will get good ROI in long term

How can our software solutions will help you?

At ITSAGAR SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD., the best software company in haryana, we understand the importance of a perfect software solution, We are committed to offer you the same at most reasonable prices.

We, the experts in software-related services with years of experience, are your one-stop solution for your IT needs. Our motto is to establish a healthy relationship by delivering satisfactory services to you. Our team of experts work constantly to conceptualize the best and innovative approach you are searching for.

ITSAGAR SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. is a house of a specialized software development team that builds handcrafted software for catering to your business requirements & objectives. We specialize in Desktop Software Development and Web Software development service with high expertise and customer satisfaction. We offer an end-to-end business solution by presenting a good craft, customized software exclusively for you according to your business requirement.

We are one of the leading software development companies excelling in providing solutions and offering top-level services with the help of our experts.

With our custom software solutions, you can manage a perfect revenue conversion through business software like room booking system, management of your employee or concern, billing software, item rental software,CRM for IELTS and Immigration service providers and even more.

We are one of the leading software development companies excelling in providing solutions and offering top-level services with the help of our experts. For our excellent performance, we have been awarded the "Best Software & Web Solutions Developer" by APAC Insider – Indian Excellence Awards.


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Our approach for your Custom Software Development

With years of experience in the IT industry, we have researched a lot to build up the best strategies so that we can provide you high quality software relevant to your business needs. In order to come up with best results, we proceed on your project with the following steps:

  • In the first meeting, we spend quality time to understand your requirements in deep. We try our best to detail every process and aspect so that you can understand what will be done and how
  • Following this meeting, we work on setting up a Blueprint to make sure that we are clear about your requirements. A repeated meeting or a phone call may be scheduled, if required, to make sure that every minute requirement is clear to us before we begin with the design and development phases
  • On approval, we divide the complete work into small modules and start working on your project module-by-module
  • For web based software, we may share the url to live implementation so that you can check the progress and accuracy of work being done
  • At the end of development process, you are given an access to the Software so that you can check if everything is working fine as expected
  • On acceptance, the project is marked as closed
  • If you find any problem during the time of use, we are there to help you by finding out the exact damage and fixing the issue efficiently

Get in touch with Best Software Solution provider to implement your thoughts into reality.

Remember, Your Problems- Our Solutions.

What makes us the Best Software Developers

We have a proven track record of providing best software solutions in India and worldwide. Our developers have faced almost every type of challenge in various domains, and we came up with promising IT solutions. The key reasons for building a relationship with us are
  1. Dedication, quality, honesty, and adherence to customer's deadline is our main priority. These are the basic business philosophies that our company is based upon.
  2. We make your IT journey hassle-free with our hard work and expertise.
  3. We undertake special measures to keep your software secure in cyberspace and prevent it from any external breach.
  4. We craft user-friendly software for you so that you do not need to undergo any hard trainings to handle the administrator panel.
  5. We develop software with expertise along with a personalized approach.
  6. We do not hamper our quality by beating the market competition. On the contrary, we work on increasing the quality with every passing day so that we can deliver products that exceed your expectations and create a lifelong relationship with our customers.
  7. We have core knowledge about the variety of needs in different sectors. Our fully experienced team always upgrades themselves by researching the current market trend to provide you the best and updated and best-suited version for your organization.

Words of our Clients

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Sergio Eliot, Software Developer, Mexico

"While our deal, I a found high level of professionalism with very interesting technology projects. No doubt, I will be open to another association for some other projects."

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Samson Web Design, USA

"Great work well complied with the requirements laid. Great results provided with hard work."

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Mr. Sai Teja, United States

"Nice working with you, it was really a great experience and I exactly got what I needed in my project. Outstanding work."

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Mr. VW, Kampong Simpang Balak, Malaysia

"Fast action and good work. Five stars."

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Mr. Mohammed Musa, Canada

"Happy to work with. Five stars."

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Mr. Suresh Kayshap, Coach, Mission Olympic Foundation

"ITSAGAR SOLUTIONS is very good and gracious in the field of IT. We are highly satisfied and feel happy to meet this company. We bless their workers and supporters."

Hire Professional Software Developers

When you decide to get more control over your business and you are looking to manage your business activities digitally, a Customized Software is what you need because it offers advanced features. We offer precise implementation of your digital needs and ideas by implemented well-engineered codes written by our expert and experienced Software Developer.

For customized software solutions, we arrange a one-to-one meeting with you to understand the requirements carefully. The same are discussed with our team to create a quick blueprint of proposed implementation. Accordingly we share a quotation with expected timelines and your work starts after your approval.

Its as simple as that.

  Call or Whatsapp us today at: +91-72-0663-0663.

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"ITSAGAR SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED" (Registered with Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt. of India), shining under the blessings of "Manikanth - Lord Krishna", has evolved into an IT company after achieving several milestones since the name was coined in 2011. ITSagar Solutions was established in the Holy City Kurukshetra with a vision of providing high quality services to satisfy the IT needs of our society. Since 2011, ITSagar provided several volunteered services like spreading information about education with focus on Engineering, web hosting and public directory. In 2015, ITSagar became an establishment as a renowned IT services provider on a global scale that further evolved into an IT Company in 2018.

"Innovation and Automation" - We work smartly to deliver High Quality IT Services implemented with precise adherence to your Business Objectives and Requirenments.

We Dream ... We Create ... We Innovate ... We work smartly to ensure High Quality IT Services that are implemented with precise adherence to your Business Objectives and Requirements. Meet Us ... Meet Success ...

We do not drop our quality and prices to beat the competition. Instead, we work on increasing our quality and giving you more than your expectations and promises.

We charge for what we do. We do not believe in quick or fast delivery. We spend quality time by taking deep pain on every project.

Our mission is to serve the society with High Quality Automation Systems so that we can contribute in creating an Eco-Friendly environment with reduced paper work and redundancy. Also, we plan to deliver best IT Solutions so that Our clients can enjoy Business Growth with best Branding and ROI.

We have served numerous domains in the market for a variety of projects since our establishment. Many clients from India and Abroad from Medical sector, Education sector, Manufacturing & Industries, Retail businesses, Ecommerce Business, Online Recharge, Visa & Immigrations, Food & Restaurant, Hotel and many other sectors have enjoyed our high quality software development services and post delivery support for years.

Every business has its own working culture but there is something unique which makes us the best software developement company. Some of the key facts are:

  • We have laid principles and rules on which we stand while doing your work. These include Dedication, Quality and Honesty.
  • To ensure that your IT journey is hassle free, we work hard to set up the best control flow and navigation.
  • We work on special measures that would keep the delivered solutions secure and protected from common hacking techniques.
  • We make sure that it is very easy for you to handle the delivered solutions and no special training and learning should be required.
  • We spend good time on refining the designs for your business, and we are always ready to customize the design and codes right from scratch to ensure it meets your expectations.
  • We charge for what we do. We do not belive in quick or fast delivery. We spend quality time by taking deep pain on every project.
  • We do not drop our quality and prices to beat the competition. Instead, we work on increasing our quality and giving you more than your expectations and promises.
  • We do not compromise with the quality. Sometimes, things may be delivered late but, they will be best for your requirements and budget.

We spend ample of time on innovating the best solutions for your business requirements. Contact us to get the best solutions.


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