A CRM system with Project Management, Lead Management, Todo List, Notes and much more...
Let's meet BizBooks - Your Virtual Assistant that can keep track of the proposals, quotations and information shared with prospects during calls and meetings.

What crm stands for?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, a set of tools that can help your business grow faster.

What CRM software is?

CRM full form itself states it is an essential business operations management tool for business. Is crm a software? Yes, essentially CRM System is a software that offers a set of tools to manage sales and other business operations.

What are crm software? A CRM like BizBooks helps you to manage Business Leads, track the progress of sales activities, and increase Lead-To-Customer conversion rate. CRM meaning refers to a solution that acts as your virtual business assistant.

What is crm software used for? With the right CRM tools like BizBooks, you can handle CRM process, project progress followup, to do tasks, notes and other business activities in an effective manner.

CRM Objectives

Expand Customer Base at Lower Aquisition Cost

Enhance Your Sales & Support Teams

Improve Customer's Journey & Retention

Improve Efficiency Of Your Business

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How CRM software work?

A CRM with project management like BizBooks will facilitiate you with essential CRM Tools to efficiently manage projects, deals, communication, etc. CRM Tools List includes modules through which you can manage service and product listing, users and their permissions, teams, proposals, discussions, documentation, To Do list, notes and other information. Thus, you can achieve an increased efficiency of overall business operations with a low cost CRM software like BizBooks.

How CRM helps business grow?

People, especially the sales teams, generally rely on their memory or write down the meeting notes in diaries. It might look an easy approach, but noting down meeting notes on paper poses several drawbacks:

  • It is very important to remember the old discussions with a client before getting into new one. Not knowing what has already been propsed brings the quality of communication down. With a manual diary, it is hard to go through all the diary pages and read the previous conversations before initiating the next meeting.
    BizBooks solves this problem. Since BizBooks is an Online CRM System, it is accesible from anywhere at any time over internet. The communications are organized under topics which are further organized under clients. Thus, it is just a matter of click to find a specific thread and go through it quickly before entering the meeting.
  • With BizBooks, you can manage a digital copy of the quotations, propsals, audios with a communication entry. Thus, it becomes easy to prove your point in a meeting by referring to the already submitted proposals & quotations.
  • BizBooks is a reliable & durable CRM for lead management as there is no fear of loosing your diary. Every information is stored on the live server. Thus, using BizBooks will prevent you from loosing all your hard work till date.

What does a crm software do? Managing your Business Operations & Meeting notes with CRM Software like BizBooks can increase the speed and efficiency of business operations and will help your business grow faster.

BizBooks is an Online CRM Software !

How CRM works with BizBooks? BizBooks CRM portal offers essential lead management tools and several important Integrated Business Tools like Client Management, Project Management, To do List and Notes so you don't miss your important tasks and have a quick access in just few clicks.

With BizBooks, you can read the discussion history with a client before the next meetings which may include talks, quotations, proposals, audio recordings, etc. You will have more effective calls & meetings as you won't miss any crucial point already discussed. Thus, there will be no confusions regarding proposed solutions and pricings.

BizBooks offers a set of effective CRM tools

Lead Management System

online crm software

There are a lot of CRM benefits. Proper lead management is one of them which should be done using the right lead management solutions. Lead management software is a must have business tool to meet the marketing & sales targets in a quick & effective manner.

Why crm is important for small business? Every business wants to increase their customer base by advertising the products / services through various marketing activities like meetings, online & offline advertisements, events etc. To achieve better results from your marketing & sales efforts, it is very important to keep track of prospect with whom a meeting/call was initiated, and do an effective follow up.

What is lead management system? Lead management in CRM can help you track the lead status like Follow Up, Quotation shared, Not Reachable, Demo Scheduling etc. You can pick a discussion right from the stage you left in previous call and continue the things instead of repeating the same points. BizBooks nourishes the lead management process and helps grow conversion rate. BizBooks is an effective crm for lead management which helps you track lead follow up status and pick the right ones for further calls in just few clicks.

BizBooks CRM software offers the following lead management system features:

Manage prospects & clients

Manage client-wise projects

Manage call-wise discussions

Manage lead status

Identify leads at specific conversion status

Manage discussion-wise Quotations / proposals

Manage documents / audio & other information

Schedule meetings / calls & set reminders

Lead Management platform is just one of the BizBooks crm software features and there is so much more you can achieve with BizBooks.

Project / Deal Compliance & Client Support

Manage Projects between different groups handling different stages of post-sales communication with client

Our CRM developer team has bult a robust client communication and project / deal management system for you. Bizbooks gives the control of team creation and management in your hands. Which means you are free to create Teams for Project / Deal Complicance and Project Support. Users who belong to specific teams can be assigned the post-sales activities at rpoject level, which means, you are able to track and execute complete journey of your client, not just the sales part.

When a deal has been closed, the Manager can move a specific Project to another group, lets say the group of compliance team. The team members can log every stage of compliance. For Example, in case of product delivery, Product Packaging, Testing before Dispatch, Dispatch Status, Dispatch Details, Delivery Status etc can be logged. In case of a project, various stages of development can be logged by the project compliance follower.

After the project / deal has been completed, Manage can move the project to Support Team where, support representative can log all the discussions done with the client.

Thus, Bizbooks offers you more CRM software benefits when it comes to managing the comple te lifecycle of a project / deal.

CRM Software online
Manage Sales Progress
Manage Development / Delivery Progress
Manage Support Requests

Manage Products & Services

You can manage the list of Category Wise and Subcategorywise Products & Services for better lead management

crm software system

In order to provide satisfactory services to your prospects & clients, it is very important to be clear about what you offer while adding the leads to your CRM System. Proper listing of what you provide will help your team to manage the leads & discussions precisely.

Bizbooks allow you to List your Products & Services by Category and Sub Category. Direct listing of everything would have created a long list with more confusions and less productivity. So, our CRM software company has facilitated the creation of Categories and Subcategories so that your listing will become more organizaed and easy to access.

With the organized list of products & services you provide, the lead follower can easily mark the items about which they have spoken to the client. This will make communication with the clients will be to the point and more clear. Additionally, this information can be used in the statistics window to identify the best selling or most popular Categories or products & services. Ability to identify the most in-demand items will help you plan your future marketing strategires and budgets.

Manage Categories
Manage Sub-categories
Manage Products / Services

Full Access Control with Permissions

You can set up types of users and assign / revoke various permissions for a more controlled CRM software access

While setting up a CRM Software for your business, it is very important to know how multiple users can be managed. For a good crm software, you should be able to create users and team members and limit the pages and features a type of user can access. In BizBooks, we offer a wide range of permissions and controlled access.

In BizBooks, our crm software development team has offered a wide range of permissions & controlled access.
Level 1 User: A user with Admin role can control every aspect & feature of your CRM software. In BizBooks, an admin can manage user roles, user groups / teams, users, lead sources, call activities, discussion modes, etc.

Level 2 User: A user with Manager Role can move Projects between different User Groups. This can provide several crm software advantages. First, a project can be moved from Sales Team to Compliance Team and further to Support Team. Also, a project can be moved between different sales teams that might be working in area-wise manner.

Level-3 User: Team manager can manage projects & users in his team. He can assign and re-assign the users to specific projects and view their progress.

Level-4 User: They can add new leads, add projects to leads, review & add discussions, mark lead status at project level along with documents and audio recordings of the meeting.

lead management system
User Roles & Permissions

For proper access control, Admin can create multiple User Roles where restrictions on CRM Software Features can be controlled easily

User Groups / Teams

Admin can manage groups & assign existing users as Team Leaders. A Team Leader will have access to all the projects / leads assigned to their team


Each user can be assigned a User Role. Admin can assign a user to multiple groups as a team member. Thus, a user can work in multiple teams

Lead Sources

Identify the best channels for your incoming leads by managing the list of Lead Sources and marking the same while adding prospects

Call Activities

Mark the status of a discussion by selecting from the list provided by admin. You can find out the leads at specific progress in dashboard

Discussion modes

Select the mode of discussion a call or meeting took place to have a clear information about how the communication was done

To Do List

Never forget your important tasks, just manage your upcoming jobs in the To do list and check the status as and when required

crm with project management

For efficient business operations, it is necessary to start and finish the jobs well in time. Forgetting the tasks can mess up your schedules and even creates a bad reputation in front of the clients. But, due to busy schedules and continous meetings, you sometimes might forget important jobs that has been committed to your clients. Many people keep diaries to write down the upcoming tasks, but maintaining and using diary manually is a tedious task. You cannot check the complete diary for pending tasks every time, and you might also loose it which will worsen the situation.

Bizbooks facilitates you with the To Do CRM tools in which you can create To Do lists with unlimited To Dos, set their priority level, due date and even reminders. With the To Do Lists options you can organise your tasks according to the nature of works. For Example, there can be separate To Do lists for projects and payments.

Bizbooks To Do also allows you to filter the To Dos in a single click on the basis of their priorities: Urgent, Low, Medium and High. Thus, you can know your urgent tasks within seconds with just a click. Once done, you can update the status of To Do and it will be automatically moved to the corresponding listing.

Thus, To Do module is your Virtual Private assistant that will help you focus on your work, saves a lot of your time and prevents you from making mistakes.

Manage To Do List
Manage List-wise Tasks
Manage To Do Priority
Manage To Do Status


No need to write on papers. Record all the important notes, updates and information in the Notes module

When working on different projects, you will find a need to note down some important things, may be some information related to the projects, or some information that you want to remember temporarily or for a long time. You might also want to store some important urls that will help you manage your business activities like product details, blog topics, rough content, online tutorial links and many more.

Writing important points on a piece of paper has the risk of information getting misplaced of forgotten. Also, handling a lot of paper pieces will create a mess and you will find it hard to get the desired information at a specific point of time. Saving such information at a central place, i.e. your Notes, will help you recall the information as and when required.

BizBooks offers your an easy to use Notes Tools integrated in the CRM system so that your never have to miss critical information related to your routine tasks and activities. The Biz Books Notes Tool allows you to create Notes List so that easy group the notes related to a project or a topic in a more organized and accessible manner. Just open the Notes app, create a Notes List for new topic, create a New note in the list and write as much information you need. You can Edit or Delete the note as well as the notes list whenever required. Thus, our crm technology can help in recalling your important information in a quick and easy manner.

crm software developer
Manage Notes List
Manage Important Notes

BizBooks is a CRM software for small business, and for medium to large enterprises !

BizBooks - the CRM Software Online covers all critical crm use cases. BizBooks allows you to access your data from any device at any location through Internet, thus, you can check discussion history while being in a meeting as well as the progress of your sales teams even when you travel. Getting your CRM Online provides you the most up-to-date customer information. Multiple Teams and Team Members can work collaboratively on this CRM for startups, small businesses and businesses with multiple marketing & sales teams.

Thus, by fulfiling several CRM uses effectively, BizBooks helps you streamline CRM operations effectively which makes BizBooks one of the best CRM for small business.

Get BizBooks : CRM for sales, clients, meetings, to do & lead management system

A Solution offering management of leads, clients, minutes of meetings, quotations, proposals, project progress, to do, notes and much more in a single CRM platform !

What is the BizBooks CRM software price?

Many CRM Vendors & CRM software companies offer CRM Software that focus on Lead Management process only. BizBooks offers you a complete CRM System with Project management, Lead Management, To Do & Notes management and Information Management System in a highly user-friendly manner. The best thing about BizBooks is the level of customization & control it offers in best prices. BizBooks CRM software cost is reasonable & easily affordable.

Subscribe BizBooks @ INR 15000/- 25000/- only including Free Web Hosting

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are crm systems?

CRM Systems are software that help you manage essential business activities in an easy manner. These activities generally include effective lead management, project management, To Do List, etc. With an Online CRM System like BizBooks, you are able to manage your business with your team in a more collaborative manner. Admin, Manager and Project Followers can work together and collaborate to find out the more effective ways and growth strategies for your business.

What crm means?

What crm stands for is one of the most common questions asked by many people. CRM means Customer Relationship Management, a process that starts with recording the meetings and discussions related to marketing, then sales, project compliance till support process. Thus, with an Online CRM Software like BizBooks, you can manage your lead funnel and projects more effectively.

Which crm is best?

There are ample of CRM software development companies or CRM software vendors providing CRM Softwares. Which one is best depends on your requirement and budget. It is hard to find a budget friendly CRM Software for small business as most of the CRM systems available online are too advanced for small businesses. Most of the tools are not required by majority of the businesses, but still you have to pay heavy fees for them.

With BizBooks, we have solved this problem. We have created a Low cost CRM Software that provides the essential CRM Tools at highly reasonable prices whcih makes it the most affordable CRM software. You get the option to manage leads, manage projects, manage users, groups, permissions, To Do List, notes, and a lot more features. Give it a try and we are sure you will love it.

How crm helps in customer retention?

CRM System like BizBooks, not only helps you in getting new clients, but also helps you retain the existing ones. Existing clients demand service and support. If they find any issues in the application, they want issues to be rectified fast so they don't have to face business losses. In BizBooks, you can create a separate support team for the clients to whom project has already been delivered. The dedicated support team can take note of every issue in the discussions window and follow it up untill the issue has been resolved. Also, the To Do list and Notes will help your support team to keep track of their progress and manage the support issues more easily.

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